CLAFIS has developed and implemented new HMI and GUI methods and concepts for agriculture and forestry (real-time) information systems, especially belonging to range of specific use cases, which solves new complex tasks for the end user. This technology is unique and has commercial value, either along with the major components of the CLAFIS system or when used with other systems.

The HMIs are generally cross-platform and may be used browser based or non-browser based.

An HMI End User interaction, representation and presentation of data, information and knowledge module. It will guarantee easy and safe use in all potential situations by providing a flexible and versatile HMI service platform that can be used for both simple and advanced operations in any farm and at any level. CLAFIS will build on central geo graphical/ visual timeline representation that integrates, farm activities/operation, geographical information and events, in a new intuitive way. The HMI can be expanded and be deployed to be used as modules, functions, apps and add-ons from other individuals, vendors and developers