Work Package List

1    System Design and Specification and Evaluation
2    Development of automation system and platform for communication, data connectivity and Gateway link
3    Development of IoT Cloud-Enabled Agribusiness Intelligent Information Management Platform
4    Information Processing and Knowledge Management
5    Development of HMI Visualisation of Data Models and HMI Services
6    System Integration
7    Test and Validation
8    Dissemination and Exploitation
9    Consortium Management

Work Plan Strategy

For the whole work plan, we have identified five important areas which span across the entire work and it focuses on all the development and related production processes, including the integration aspects of the different stages and phases of the CLAFIS project. The Use Case demonstration will also be specified and designed to cover all aspects of the work packages since the Use Case has been developed to cover all the key areas and issues that have been addressed in the call-text. The Use Case would further provide some very important key features of the CLAFIS pre-commercial prototype for supporting the progress beyond the state of art in relation to ICT aspects, robotics, process automation and control, computation and integrated processing, HMI, standardization and standards development, Agriculture Information sciences and integration of subsystems with the whole supply chain. The early involvement of End User community such as i) farmers and the farming community ii) autonomous machine and equipment manufacturers (AEMs), iii) standards providers, and iv) others; would be included throughout the various project stages to universal adoption with respect to the different phases of development and the related production processes, (e.g., HMI development essentials, Information processing and knowledge management, IoT cloud-enabled Agribusiness Intelligent Information Management System, etc). The following are integral parts of our work plan strategy;

  • Involvement of end-users and stakeholders by organizing an Application knowledge Conference for the purpose of gaining the Agricultural knowledge needed.
  • Establish Links to standardization processes where MTT, Aalto and Jetter are already members of AEF. Aalto also participates in ISOBUS standardization and OPC foundation. Furthermore, Aalto is a member of ISO work group MTT, standardization community. Both Aalto and MTT have strong links to existing on-going standardization work on ISOBUS and Farm management systems. Maintenance and scaling of all stages and phases of development and related production processes
  • Integration strategy which will be analyzed and prepared through WP1 and the development WPs to ensure strong and constant communication between WP leaders for ensuring compatibility between subsystems as well as to foreseeing typical problems throughout the developments in WPs 2-5.
  • Data security and trust strategies